I posted this blog last year, but the situation and my feelings have not changed! Frenzy about branded lawn is on the rise and new designers are mushrooming to make the most of this mindset! What if political instability, religious intolerance, inflation, illiteracy, crime and uncertainty is on the rise! Who cares for it as long as I can pay for what I want and whenever I want it. Whether I need it or not is another question, to be ignored and brushed under the carpet!

The lawn season is on! To be more accurate it was on even when we were still braving icy winds from Siberia and pulling closer our woollies to stay warm! The designers were racing each other to be the first to launch their lawns and exhibitions were being held on prestigious venues as early as in February! The city was painted blue, green and red as (semi dressed) smiling beauties looked down upon us from hoardings everywhere! Was there a faint look of disdain in their eyes or my imagination was playing tricks with me? This is a question I still find difficult to answer.

Try as I do to resist to the exhibitions, at last I give in to temptation (Sigh)! Although I know that my cupboards are over flowing with dresses, some of which I have not worn for months, and I have clothes enough for a life time, still I compelled to go to at least three or four exhibitions. After all, all the rich ladies I know are going and buying lawn suits to their hearts fill. I try to satisfy that inner voice inside my head which keeps on troubling me by always speaking the truth! Ok, Ok I will not buy much, may be a jora or two, at least I can boast to my friends and acquaintances that I am also one amongst the privileged class who visit and can afford the designer lawns inspite of their staggering prices.

So, hushing up the voice which perhaps is my conscience, I call a friend and pompously ask her to accompany me. And I am careful to choose the one who has a big mouth and loves to gossip! I know that if she goes with me, the news would be spread among my circle in no time!  Logon ko pata tou chalna chaiye ke mein bhee designer lawn pehnti hun! Because most of my friends from the lesser privileged class have to be content with wearing copy suits of the branded lawn suits!

And at the exhibition, I simply give in to impulse! How can a clothes lover like me resist when the material is so soft, the colors and designs so vibrant and when my wallet is full of five thousand rupees notes?  Who cares about the prices? I am buying the suits only because I can afford them. Again I hush up the voice in my head which is now protesting loudly. Remember? It reminds me, only today the maasi was asking for a couple of thousand rupees to buy the syllabus of her daughter for the new session in school, but I had flatly refused. And my driver complained today that although it was only the 20th of the month, he had nothing left from his salary so his family would have to do with roti and onion for the remaining days of the month! And the sabzi wala was asking for some monetary help as the canopy over his theila had broken down and he had to face the burning sun as he moved from one lane to another selling his sabzees. He had even offered that he would adjust the money in the vegetables my cook bought from him daily but I had flatly refused all these people.

Ok, ok I again try to shut up this troubling voice; now don’t spoil my shopping spree. I tell it angrily. I will give 500 rupees to Maasi tomorrow and she can get the rest of the money from the other houses she works for. Theika tou nahin lya hua uska mein ne! I am angry at the voice which refuses to shut up! As for the driver, there are still some packets left from the meat with which I had stuffed my freezer at Baqraeid. The kids don’t want to eat it any more as the meat smells a bit stale. Only yesterday, when my cook prepared a delicious beef roast, they refused to have it for dinner and had insisted that I order for pizzas to be delivered at home! But the meat would be good enough for the driver’s family. At least it is much better than having only onions with roti!  I console myself further. Sabzi wala can also have a thousand rupees as a loan. I am sure the cook will recover this amount even before the week is over! Now, thankfully, my mind is absolved of all the troubling thoughts!

Back home with my treasure, I try further to justify my unnecessary shopping! Tomorrow I shall give away some suits. I open my wardrobe and in a fit of generosity (and somewhat guilt!!), I pull out six suits one after another. These will go out to replace the ones I have bought today, I soothe my ruffled conscience.

But by the time morning arrives, I have changed my mind! This blue dress is as well as new. Why! I bought it for 4000 Rs only last year! Or was it the year before? I try to remember as I fold it and keep it back in my wardrobe. This pink one was a birthday gift from Mummy; so it has an emotional value for me! The third one is my favourite color. Ah, black has always been my weakness and I can not bring myself to part from it. And the hazel brown has such a pretty print, and my friends always say that it compliments the color of my eyes to further beautify them (Blush)! So, four out of the six suits I had vowed to give away yesterday find their way back to my wardrobe and I have the heart to give away only two! What if one was a bit faded and the silly dhobi had torn the doppatta of the second one. Both the suits are still much better than the one my Maasi is wearing now…. At least they do not have patches on them!

Although my inner voice always troubles me, but luckily I am smart enough to find a hundred and one ways to quiten it.!

Life has become one rat race for me as my foremost aim is to excel my friends in material goods! I keep on piling dresses, shoes, bags, jewellery, furniture, crockery, show pieces; anything I can get my hands on, all of which are far more than my requirements for a comfortable life. Even when I do my grocery, I feel happy to pile the trolley with luxury food items, some of which will expire even before I will get to use them. If my friend, Ms X has got a new sofa set and matching carpet and curtains for her drawing room, just to fix the envy that I feel, I can at least have the upholstery of my sofa changed.

The only reason I can give for my extravagant expenditures is that I have money enough to afford them! Enough is simply not enough for me! Shopping for things I hardly need, gives me a high and I do not give a hoot to how this mindset is deepening the wedge between the rich and the less privileged class. And then, I sit in my drawing room with my like minded friends, dressed in my beautifully stitched designer lawn suit, showing off my new sofa and curtains; and as we sip coffee from the quaint china cups I got myself last year from France, we sadly discuss the barhti hui mehengai in our poor homeland!



7 thoughts on “ENOUGH IS (NOT) ENOUGH!!!

  1. LOve the ending! True, We want everything up to date and still we whine for MEHNGAI MEHNGAI!..
    and about these lawns.. I am personally in love with the banners of Women Association to stop vulgarity.

  2. Wafa i think you skipped this sentence….The city was painted blue, green and red as (semi dressed) smiling beauties look down upon us from hoardings everywhere! But my focus was on the senseless ways we are throwing away thousands of rupees on a single suit, convincing our conscience by saying that as we pay zakaat and do sadqa we are not justified to do so! Maybe some other day i will touch this topic too.. lekin aksar mein ye sochti hun ke 8 metre lawn ke kapre mein se itna mukhtasir jora kyun banta hai…. Maybe two ladies share one designer suit to cut down on the expenses :)))))))) What do you say Wafa?

  3. In this age of computer and mobile, finding a writer who can write dozens of lines in such a flow. Not for once did I felt boring while reading your blog. Your English is MashaAllah very good as well to complement the natural writing talent conferred by Allah Almighty. I actually miss people like you in this world.

    • Thanks a lot Talha Irfan for reading and commenting. Actually my pen flows with my heart and maybe that is the reason why I do not blog often. Unless and until something touches my heart am I able to write anything new. This BRANDED lawn mania is getting on my nerves, as I consider it a sheer waste of money in a poor country like ours, but I wonder how many people got to read this blog (or agree with me)!!

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