20thApril 2012:

My heart is breaking with pain and my mind is bursting with anger! Not only Pakistanis, but people all over the world have heard the saddening news about the Islamabad bound Bhoja Air’s Boeing 737-200, which took off from Karachi and crashed (at 7.10AM) in a small residential area, killing all on board!

Yes, I have written those words in red, because I want all my readers to know that the passengers were not just killed, they were murdered in cold blood! And maybe, the color of blood could describe the anguish and emotional trauma I have been going through, since the moment I heard the news!

No, none of the people on board were my relatives or friends! To be more precise, I do not know any of them, by names or by faces. No, they were not even relatives’ friends or friends’ friends, but still my heart cries out in anguish!

9th may

Nearly three weeks have passed to the MURDEROUS flight but my pain and anger refuses to abate….!!!A plane grounded for ten years sold and bought by greedy airlines, tormenting photographs of grieving relatives carrying back the coffins of their dear one, are making my rage and frustration grow by the day!!!

My heart goes out to the family members who are facing the anguish of the loss, but today I would like to state this cruel fact clearly! Incidents like these would go on in Pakistan because of the insatiable lust for money of a bunch of heartless people! To make an easy and fast buck, these greedy people can stoop to any level! Because they know that here in Pakistan, they can get away with anything and everything. Only a fat share from their easily earned money passed under the table, can quiten the voices of those people who can stop or punish them!

I request to all those out there who are still grieving for their murdered loved ones; please let not this be the case this time. There should be a limit and an end to these atrocities! Wipe off your tears and transform them into white hot rage! The best tribute you can pay to the departed souls of your dear ones is to make the cruel owners of the Bhoja and Shaheen Airs face the music of their crime!  The buyers and the sellers of the death trap they were calling an aircraft, are equally responsible for murdering your dear ones!

Sue them, drag them to courts and squeeze out of them every penny of the dirty money they have earned at the cost of the flesh and blood of people vibrant with life! Get the licenses of the Bhoja Air, Shaheen air (and all airlines who are operating dangerously old planes) cancelled. (And readers please note that Shaheen and Airblue are still operating these aircrafts!) The owners of the private airlines, the CAA and the related authorities of the Pakistan government, are all “Killers on the Loose”, as they have turned a blind eye to the operation of these planes!

Do not accept compensations! Who can compensate for the shattered dreams of the families of the newly wed couple who were going to their honeymoon! Who can pay for the anguished tears of the sister who wept inconsolably on her brother’s coffin? (And these are only a couple of examples from the 123 stories of the victims!) You have buried your near and dear ones but there are open doubts whether it really was the person or only pieces of corpses put together to complete a dead body!

Though I can only try to fathom the depth of your pain, but I request you to make this pain a tool to make sure such incidents are not forgiven by us!

Join hands against this callousness, form action committees and work on the basis of eik aur eik gayara (one and one make eleven)! Those of you, who have money to spare, create a pool and employ the best available lawyers against these airlines! Those who can not spare the money, create support groups to help out each other! And I request you to strike while the iron is hot! Because I feel sad to say that we Pakistanis have a very short memory! Today, the pain and anguish is nationwide, but tomorrow this will not be the case! We shall quickly move on to some other news, tragic or happy!

If the heartless people who have played havoc with the lives of both the murdered and the survivors get away this time, remember they will keep on striking under changed names! If you prefer to remain quiet and just grieve in silence, remember that you are strengthening the hands of these brutes and History will hold you equally responsible for this crime!

Na samjhoge tou mit jaaoge ae Pakistan walo

Tumhari daastaan tak bhee na hogi Daastaanon mein!!!!

(This blog was snt to many publications, but I am sad to say that it was turned down saying that the language I have used is too HARSH!!!! But I still say that no words used can be “Harsh” enough for this callous attitude of our private airlines!)


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