It defies age! It defies time! It defies distances! This is what your relationship with an elder sister is about! When you are young, all day long you quarrel and argue with her over petty matters, you are not on speaking terms the whole day, but as night falls, you snuggle close to her in bed. In the darkness a hand reaches out to you and the next moment you are in each others arms, giggling at the absurdity of your fights.
Your first childhood memories other than those of your parents are the loving face of your sister. She is quick to lend a helping hand whenever you need it, hugging you when you fall and bruise your knees, encouraging you when you are depressed because you did not do well at that Maths test and briskly hiding from Mummy’s eyes the silk dress you tore at the wedding. She is a friend, a mentor and your blind supporter.
But when it comes to please Mom and Dad she is your fierce competitor as well! She will try her best to outclass you. Whether it is clearing up the bedroom you share with her, offer a helping hand to Mummy in the kitchen or polishing Daddy’s shoes, she will strive hard to outdo you on all fronts, just to win a better place in your parent’s eyes.
At home she might bully you and boss you around, making you do the little chores you are too lazy (or hate) to do. But once you step outside the security of home, she becomes your fierce supporter, sheltering you against all harm, shielding you in the small quarrels you pick up with your peers. One moment a friend, the other a foe, this love you- hate you relationship continues till you grow up.
Time flies! Before you know it, the day when she will move out of the parental home arrives. She might be going to another city for higher studies or to join a new job or maybe she is getting married and shifting to her new home. The news of her leaving home open up new vistas in your mind! Thank God, you will have the room for your own and no one to share the wardrobe with. No more taking and obeying orders, with threats that the case would be taken to the Supreme Court (Mummy and Daddy), if you do not oblige. The positive points keep on popping into your head and you can not wait for the day when she would be gone.
But alas! The day she moves out you start missing her badly. All the fights are forgotten and you only remember her love and support. Days grow longer without her and at night you feel lonely and hug her pillow, just because her sweet smell is still lingering in it. You miss her loving touch, the laughter and senseless chatting you shared with her.
An elder sister is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost. To the outside world you may grow old, but not to an elder sister. She is the only one who doesn’t get bored if you talk about your childhood memories and shared events. With her, you live outside the touch of time. Even after you yourself have become a Granny, she will pamper you like a child when you meet her after years, scold you for being careless about your health; cook your favourite dish for you and make you eat it until you feel like throwing up.
A sister is a gift to the heart, a friend to the spirit, a golden thread to the meaning of life. She knows you and your childhood secrets. She shares with you family jokes and feuds; family joys and sorrows. Even after you have grown up, it’s hard to be responsible, adult and sensible all the time. But with a sister you can always behave as you like, because only she understands the child deep inside you who refuses to grow up! How good it is to have a sister whose heart is as young as your own! An older sister is Allah’s special gift, a friend and defender – a listener, a counsellor and a sharer of delights. And sorrows too!


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