TOHFA! For my readers who can not read Urdu…with a simple EnglishTranslation

Aa  gayaa hai

Khuda ki rehmat ka tohfa

Ye yaqeen dilaane ke lye

Upar eik Zaat hai

Jo ghum ki andheri raat se

Eik nayi subah tulooh kartee hai!

Aa gaya hai

Khuda ki rehmat ka tohfa

Zindigi ki andheri raahon mein

Eik chota sa dyaa

Jis ki nanhi see jout se

Jagmaga uthi hai mere dil ki dunya

Dard ke sehra mein jo hai

Thandee hawa ka jhonka

Aa gaya hai

Khuda ki rehmat ka tohfa!

Jis kea a jaane se

Aa  gayi hai mere gulshan mein bahar

Rukhsat ho gaya

Khizaan ka mausam

Jis ke aane ka tha

Mere dil ko yaqeen

Jo ke hai

Meri duaaon ka jawaab

Aa gaya hai wo

Khuda ki rehmat ka tohfa!!!
The gift of Allah’s blessing has arrived to further confirm my belief that there is a Divine Being above us
Who has the power to draw a new morning from the night of despair!
She is like a little candle in the dark paths of my life which is spreading it’s tiny light to brighten up my heart!
She is like a breath of cool air in the desert of pain I am walking in!
The gift of Divine Blessing has arrived; her arrival announces the advent of Spring and the end of
Autumn in my life
In my heart there was always a firm believe that she will come one day, as she is an answer to my prayers!
The gift of Divine Blessing has finally arrived!

Edited version of a poem I wrote years ago before the birth of my first grand daughter. But I feel it is the perfect time to post this Nazm. My eldest son and daughter in law have been blessed with a beautiful baby girl in the fifteenth year of their married life. Alhumdulillah!!

Ecstasy is too small a word to express the happiness my heart is brimming with! And I can not thank Allah enough for answering to the prayers which came from the depth of my heart!

Far back in the walk of life, when I wrote this poem, I was going through a tough phase … a personal trauma too big for words!!! Although a lot has changed and life has moved miles ahead (and surely for the better), but some emotions never change! Somehow, I am going through all those feelings again, only this poem was written when my grandaughter was still to arrive! 

All readers and friends are requested to keep my little angel in their prayers!

5 thoughts on “TOHFA! For my readers who can not read Urdu…with a simple EnglishTranslation

  1. Reblogged this on yasminelahi and commented:

    specially for you Hibiscus Rosa Noor, Greetings from England; and all of my readers who do not understand Urdu. as i do not write poetry in English, please do not mind my crude translation,
    Yasmin Elahi

  2. thank you ever so much for the english translation! such a beautiful poem, you express so well, hopefully one day i’ll be able to compose something similar! i also pray you’re much2 happier now, and that you take that traumatic episode in your life as a test from Allah…we are all tested in different ways in our life, the tougher the test the stronger the personality…i believe you are a very strong person! and as beautiful as the translation is, i know it cannot do justice to your urdu version, such a lovely language…i can feel it though i cannot understand it. thank you for sharing!

    • You read it Rosa.. I was wondering when you will be able to visit my site!
      Jazakillah for your encouragement! I am content with what ever was destined to happen in my life! Tragedies make us stronger and with the passion and love my late parents raised me, I am always thankful to them that I was able to face life’s diversities with a straight face! Alhumdulillah

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