MAA KI DUA! (For my readers who can not read Urdu)

Maa ke daaman mein hoti hai wus’at bohat

Daal do meri jholi mein jo tum ko hain ghum

Chun loon palkon se raste mein kaante hain jo

Paas aane na doon mein tumhare ye ghum


Ji rahi hun mein sirf tumhare lye

Tum pareshan ho ye mujh ko gawara nahin

Tour laon mein taare jo ho bas mein mere

Kya karoon mere bachon ye mumkin nahin


Meri Jan ye is dunya ka dastoor hai

Jo bhee darta hai aur us ko daraati hai ye

Hans ke har dukh ka saamna tum karo

Ke jo bhee rota hai aur usko rulaati hai ye


Mein ne maana ke waqt ye hai mushkil bohat

Rakho himmat jawaan, aage barhte raho

Mushkilein saari aasaan ho jaayeingi

Tum duaaen meri sath le ke chalo


Naao aaj beech toofan ghir gayi hai tou kya

Na khuda hai Khuda mera rakho yaqeen

Ik din sahil pe pohncheigi kashti zurur

Apni maa ki duaaon pe rakho yaqeen


Daur ye sakht jo hai ye guzar jaayeiga

Chumeigi eik din manzil tumhare qadam

Ke hai dua maa ki jis ke bhee hamqadam

Uska Haami hai Allah, khud Us ki qasam!!



8 thoughts on “MAA KI DUA! (For my readers who can not read Urdu)

  1. Yasmin, this is so touching and beautiful. sorry i have been so out of touch lately.. (famiy and friends are complaining I am turning into an antisocial haha). As a regular visitor to your blog, the poetry always puts me deep in thought. Thanks for some more jewels.

    the most recent one is so beautiful as well.

    Warm wishes and regards,


    • How sweet of you Mehmudah
      A saying goes “Better late than Never”… It was nice to see your comments and sure you are free to forward it to anyone you want to.
      This poem was written years ago when I and my children were going thru a tough phase of life and I thought it is high time I share it with my readers!
      Thanks again for reading and commenting…and plz DO NOT DISAPPEAR AS YOU USUALLY DO!! 🙂
      Your comments are always most welcome

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