EIK MEHERBAAN HAI MERA! (For those who can not read Urdu) Nazm from ANKHAI BAATEIN


Bekhwaab taareek raaton ki tanhai mein

Dard jab hadd se guzar jaata hai

Roshni dur tak nazar aati nahin

Umeed koi bhee bar aati nahin

Eik meherbaan hai mera

Jis ke narm seene mein chupa ke mein chehra apna

Bahaa leti hoon chund aansoo

Aur keh deti hun saare apne dukh such

Par wo ajab dost mera

Karta nahin mujh se koi bhee sawaal

Kehta nahin wo kuch bhee mujh se

Bas baree khamoshi se

Sunta rehta hai mere shikwe saare

Aur apni narm si aaghosh mein

Bohat pyar baree narmee se

Jazb kar leta hai mere saare aansoo

Baant leta hai wo sab bojh

Jo hain dil pe mere

Mera takya jo mera ghumkhwaar bhee hai!

Mera takya jo mera humraaz bhee hai!!



In the sleepless dark nights of pain and despair, 

When my heartache knows no bounds,

I can not find any light in my path,

Nor do I have any hope left in my heart,

I have a well-wisher,

In whose soft bosom I hide my face,

And shed a few tears,

And share with him my pains and sorrows,

But strangely this old friend of mine,

Never asks me any questions,

Neither does he say anything,

But very queitly,

Listens to all my complaints,

And with great love and care,

Allows all my tears to sink into his soft bosom,

In this manner he shares with me

All the pain my heart is heavy with,

My pillow who shares all my pain and woes

My pillow who is a keeper of all my secrets!






4 thoughts on “EIK MEHERBAAN HAI MERA! (For those who can not read Urdu) Nazm from ANKHAI BAATEIN

  1. Awesome thoughts. But I am expecting more from you and that is correcting it further in order to balance the Radeef and Qaafia. It will really convert in into a great Poetry then for sure.

      • I understand your limitation but think from a reader’s perspective. Poetry is most delicate medium for communication and how effectively Allama Marhoom(Peace on him) used it. Even, in Holy Qur’an you will find a lot of Ayaahs with syllables. I know you can do better and looking forward to it.

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