HAPPY NOBOBORSHO to all my freinds out there in Bangladesh

A very Happy New Year to all my Bengali friends… specially those out on there in Bangla Desh. Wishing you all a blessed life, peace and prosperity!

Yasmin Elahi

14-4-2014 (I posted this blog 2 years back but would like to re-blog it again on the Bengali New Year. Yesterday my brother called from Dhaka and he was talking about the enthusiasm with which people were preparing for Noboborsho, about the mad rush at the shopping centres and the resultant traffic jams which have become a pain in the neck for all the Dhaka city’s residents!!)


An old (and close) friend Nusrat Awan, from my Dhaka college days messaged me early in the morning wishing me A Happy Bengali New Year… or Shubho Naubo Borsho! Her message opened the gates to a flood of memories and I found myself taken back way back into the past, to the days I studied in Viqarun Nissa Noon School back in the 1960s!

V.N. Noon School was considered one of the most prestigious schools in Dhaka in those days, and our…

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