The blessed days of Ramzan are passing at a fast pace.. With more than half the month gone, and Eid shopping gaining momentum, I feel this is the perfect time children should be reminded about the true spirit of this month!

Yasmin Elahi

The most frequently asked question (which mothers eventually start to dread) these days is, “What’s for Iftaar today”? The best part of the day for children is sunset, when they break their fast and eat their favourite dishes to their heart’s fill. And they keep on asking Mummy for something new and different each day. As a reward for the day long thirst of fasting, and to beat the heat, they are offered a wide selection from juices, sherbets and shakes, as well as chilled water.

At Sehr, the time when the fast begins, mothers get up early to prepare parathas, omelettes, shami kababs and other dishes of their children’s choice, so that they have a hearty meal to keep them going through the long day ahead. Drinking milk is a must and children are threatened that they would not be allowed to fast, if they do not finish their…

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