A proud day for me today! My grandaughter has finished school with a grand result! May Allah bless her and all my grandchildren…today and always! Ameen

Yasmin Elahi


          My three year old grand daughter came running into my arms, not taking the trouble to remove her unruly curls which streamed down to her sparkling eyes. My sister who had come from abroad after many years remarked laughingly, “Why! Your grand daughter is just like you. Just see how she tosses her head naughtily to remove her locks from her eyes as she peeps from behind them. I just hope she has not inherited your temper”, she said in a teasing tone. On any other occasion, I would not have tolerated such a remark and immediately picked up an argument with my sister, insisting that I was not as bad tempered as she was suggesting! But as she was comparing me to my grand daughter, which in itself was a big compliment for me, I chose to ignore her comments.

As a grandmother, I…

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3 thoughts on “I SHALL LIVE ON!

  1. Masha Allah many congrats! “Doodh se meethi malai hoti hai” lol, some say grandparents are prouder of their grandchildren than even their own kids! All the best to the super achiever! (Masha Allah!)

    • Alhumdulillah for all His Blessings, my eldest grandaughter the one who prompted me to start my journey as a writer (Confessions of a Grandmother) has cleared her O levels with straights As.. 5*s and 3As, and I feel that my heart will burst with pride!!! Alhumdulillah again and Jazakillah Mehmudah!

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