Drama In Islamabad!!

          I feel angry today, disturbed, ashamed, disappointed and a bit amused too! The weird drama in Islamabad, the way a man, a woman and two children kept the capital on hold, and the manner our security personnel handled the situation has again made Pakistan a laughing stock for the world. 

          And our media, our TV channels licking their lips in delight, reported the whole incident minute to minute! For six long hours! I am no television buff, and had just switched on the idiot box to check out on the weather conditions in Lahore, I was worried because my son and his family were scheduled to reach there from Murree and the rumour was that the roads in Lahore were flooded! (This proved to be wrong as I came to know later).

          There was no news about the rains in Punjab but all channels were covering the Islamabad incident and the drama had started only a few minutes ago! Glued to the Television, I kept on watching in surprise as the police and Commandos were being shown keeping a distance from the car. The woman and children in the car were first reported to be held hostage by the man who started the whole drama by firing wildly in the air. And this was the Blue area of Islamabad, the area with the highest security as all important venues i.e the Prime Minister House, National Assembly, Supreme Court of Pakistan are stuated in this locality.

          In sheer disgust, I kept on posting updates on FaceBook and here I would like to share them with my readers. Although I cannot state for sure what was the exact time but it all started at around 6 in the evening!

OMG….. Police have surrounded the car in the Blue Area Islamabad from which an unknown man fired wildly in the air…I wonder what the police is waiting for!

The car was snatched from a nearby area n there is also a burqa clad woman in the car…hostage or accomplice? The police hv still no clue..Allah reham kare, Ameen

  • The body language of the woman is V suggestive…she hardly looks panicked or nervous as she took something out from the car’s trunk

Bhaaiyon!!!! Car k tyre hi puncture kar do fire kar ke!!!


Two kids in the car Too!!!

My notion was right…….!!!!! the woman claims to be the wife of the man in the car plus the two children are their kids!!! 

 Aaj TVdekhein…I am sure Geo wala will also b enjoying this breaking news…but can not switch channels now…the situation is too weird!!   

Our police keeps on bringing shame to the whole nation!! And the TV channels are having a great time!! All claiming to be the first to report this drama!!I am feeling like a reporter at the moment but cant stop myself from commenting!! Sharamnaak situation!!! Look at the way the woman is coming n going conveying demands! 

Hikmat e amli ki tafseelat bhee bata dee mulzimon ki Sahulat k lye!!! I think these people have never heard of GPRS!!!Humari helpless police bechaari!!! Police dept should be dissolved…the law of the jungle is good enough for us!!!! Both of the miscreants were far enough from their car but still the police didn’t dare to overpower them! 

7.30 PM….I am  getting late for Maghrib.. have to take a short break now! 

High level Drama in Islamabad!!! Baghair ticket enjoy karein!!!  

Latest on Islamabad drama….aap sab ko mubarak ho!! Police ne musslaah shaks ki giraftaari ki tayyaari mukammil kar lee!!!! 

Islamabad Drama smells fishy from Miles!!!! How come no action has been taken although it is already dark?

Easy load for the culprit’s cell by the POLICE…how sweet of them!!

Bachon ko Pizza khana hai!! SSP Operations se naya mutalba!!! Its only my notion: P 

Operation ki tayyaryaan Mukammil!!! Bas anesthetist ka intezar hai!!

I couldn’t stop myself from Re tweeting this!

  •  A Good Soldier (@Soldier_pk):
    One thing is certain, all vehicles carrying families will face extra scrutiny at police barriers, thanks to Sikandar ‪#‎BlueA
  • My Tweet…
  • Media personal manhandled! Kumhar pe bas na chala gadhia ke kaan amethe!‪#‎Bluearea ‪#‎islamabad d security forces hs brought d nation 2 shame!!

          The nation is waiting for the drama to end! First it was being suggested by our TV channels that the security personal are waiting for the dark! But on second thoughts, I feel they have decided to wait for the Sun to rise!

          9.30 PM…After this post, I had to be pull myself away from the television as I had to go to a dinner. After exchanging pleasantries with my hostess, I requested her to switch on the TV. The drama was just ending, I could see the PPP leader Zamurrud Khan pouncing on the man and the later, as if taken by surprise, falling down and being overpowered by our brave Commandos!

(I guess Zamurrud Khan will be given Hilal e jurrat for his bravery!!)

        12.30….It is being reported that the gunman has been taken to the PIMS Hospital and is undergoing emergency surgery as he has been shot in the stomach and leg! I only wonder why this couldn’t have been done earlier!

          Frustration and shame has become the lot of the common Pakistani nobodies like me! Helpless, surprised, disappointed and angry at the (mis) performance of our police, rangers and most of all the so called Commandos we just watched the ongoing drama in sheer disgust!

The security personal seemed helpless, spineless and confused! We, the patriotic Pakistanis, demand an immediate explanation! Why were we made the laughing stock for the world once more! For Heaven’s sake, don’t hurt our pride again and again in this manner! We love this country and want it to rise from the dust… and shine!

Long live Pakistan!!






21 thoughts on “Drama In Islamabad!!

  1. Finally pata chala what had happened. Our television ain’t working and has gone for repair. So when I logged into facebook, I was surprised to see it flooding with this ‘drama’ stuff. So wanted to know what exactly had happened there in Islamabad. So thank you for this post 😀
    Oh and please our police and Commandos, STOP reacting like losers.

  2. Awful behaviour of the media, pakistani people and police. If we treat unwell people like this we are an insult to humans. They should have negotiated with him first, then resorted to plan B to tire the man out. People in foreign countries are not treated like this they are treated like patients. The police role was awful didn’t they have a proper negotiator or anything? The role of the media was the worst all these illiterate people commenting saying “shoot him” “kill him” is this how we treat mentally ill people? Disgusted.

    • You can blame the Pakistani people in one single comment.. all those who had an iota of sense were watching in disgust and dismay at the (non) performance of the police.. As for the media… Sigh!!! Nothing enough can be said about there negative role

  3. I agree with what you have said and kind of share the same feelings. It was real drama that no one seems to understand. But one thing I disagree with is our security forces are that incompetent and helpless that they could not tame one man in 6 long hours. Yes apparently they were but theres got to be some reasons behind their patience. For example Lal Masjid mishap comes to mind. The whole country called for action against them and once there was bloodshed everyone went against their act. Considering that, had Sinkandar or anyone from his family been killed it would have sparked another disaster for security forces. Yes I am disappointed to see them taking 6 hours to arrest him, but in the mean while I am quite pleased that no one was killed in the process.
    May Allah have mercy on us.

    • But Umar in the end they DID shoot the man and the latest news on the Dawn Website reported in the wee hoursof the night that Sikander was going emergency surgeri in the PIMS hospital and dtated critical… too exhausted today to find out about what is the update on his health.. a few shots in the legs cld have wound up the drama much much earlier and saved us the embarrassment in the eyes of the world!! Lala MAsjis was something totally different and can in no way be compared to this stray incident of a freak!

  4. Seemed more like a drama to enhance the ratings of our TV channels who had nothing to air in the recent days except rain… A perfect collaboration of our incompetent police and the greedy media!

    • That is my point… the media seemed to smack its lips in delight as they seened to pounce on their preys!
      There was so much more to report and much more serious too, like the floods in many partd of Punjab and the havoc caused by the non stop rain up in the mountains… lekin jo maza sunsuni khez report karne mein hai wo in tragedies mein kahan !!

  5. Firstly i agree with the post.But,think a little pakistan is a developing country & what facilities our government is providing to these police.Low income,standing in the hot sun,bearing the hardships,meagre facilities n much more……?our army,police,commandos,IB & ASI all had given a lot of sacrifices n are really patriotic.we should not criticize them but to show them the path way.In this regard our media can play a significant role.so don’t make them rude bc “RUDENESS IS THE WEAK PERSON’S IMMITATION OF STREANGTH”keep hold on ur anger n never forget that we r proud for everything of PAKISTAN.

    • thanks a lot for your detailed comments. I am aware of the hardships of the Police and the sacrifices of our army. But, this by no means we allow them to be inefficient! Plz look up the chunk of our yearly budget which goes to the armed forces and then you will understand the irritation of a common tax payer! As for being proud for EVERYTHING in PAkistan (as you hv written) I am sorry I can not be proud of corruption, greed, religious fanatism and mismanagement at all levels, although I am still PROUD to be a Pakistani!

      • Thanks for awaring me of of the fact.Of Course nobody like this,and we will not allow them ever but will positively criticize & will contribute to make pakistan free of these sort of things as u have mentioned……… be proud to be PAKISTANI

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