I am in the middle of an important discussion, attending a wedding reception, watching an interesting talk show (or play) on the TV, enjoying a long drive or just hanging out with friends laughing and joking, when my cell starts to beeps!

                “We have started to recite Kalma (or Durood or Ayat e Kareema) 100,000 times. Please recite ten times and forward to all your contacts. Do not break the chain, as we must finish this today!”       My reply usually is, “This is not the proper way to recite a Wazeefa! We should recite with full concentration and fervour and also in a proper atmosphere”!

                   Every day I receive a number of forwarded text messages about Hadith of our Holy Prophet, Quranic Ayats or an incident from Islamic History! And in the end the sender has the cheek to write….. is msg ko itna phelaao jitna tum Allah ya Nabi SAW se mohabbat karte ho! (Spread this message as much as you love Allah and the Prophet PBUH.) Or it would taunt, “I know that 99% people will not forward this message, if you are a true Muslim, be among the 1% who will forward it! And this one is usually the most annoying, “Allah will ignore those people on the Day of Judgement, who ignore Him in this world!”

          What sort of emotional blackmailing is this? I feel irritated.

          In answer to most messages, I usually hit Delete or if it is from a close friend, I reply, “Sorry, I won’t forward this! Because I feel that this is no criteria to prove my love for Allah or the Prophet PBUH”. And if it is a Hadith or an incident from the history of Islam, I demand “Are you sure this is authentic, if so please let me know the source”.

          The huge strides in communication technology have changed our lives completely and deprived us to some extent of our privacy! Today we text more than we talk, use our cell phones (Whatssapp, VChat etc) and social medias like Face book and Twitters more than we interact with people, even if some of them live within our walking distance. But although this has made life easier (or should I say lazier) there are many irritants to these luxuries also. Unwanted messages at the wrong time, posts on Face book by contacts who keep on insisting (in the name of love for Allah) that I forward whatever they are sending in, always frustrate me!

          Why should I prove my love for Allah and His Prophet PBUH by forwarding messages about Quran and Hadith, which I am not even sure are reliable? Is this the criteria to prove that I am a good Muslim? In my opinion this is definitely not so!

          I ignore the call of the Muazzin when he is calling for Salaat, I do not help the needy, pay Zakaat or perform Hajj although I am filthy rich; I lie and cheat, disobey my parents, I am rude to the elderly and unkind to children, forget about a promise a few minutes after I have made it, but because I forward these (unauthentic) messages, I can safely presume that I have booked my place in Paradise!

          Sigh! If only the path to Jannah was only about hitting a forward key or sharing a post on Facebook! But alas, it is not!

          If I practice the teachings of Islam, fear Allah, follows the teachings of the Holy Quran and the Prophet Muhammad PBUH, strictly try to adhere with the compulsory acts every Muslim has to practice, (i.e Eemaan, Namaaz, Roza, Zakaat and Hajj), try to understand what the message of the Holy Quran is and practice the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad PBUH, I think I have sent the message through louder and clearer!  



20 thoughts on “IF I LOVE ALLAH….!

  1. yeah,exactly right.we should first make our selves right and should then teach to others.
    we should not belief these sort of messg unless verified bc we r not scholars.instead of this we should pay attention to the basic teachings of islam.secondly islam doesn’t spread by power so if we will put bordon on someone may be he has no mood at that n becomes angry.

    • That is the point Saad, you never know where the person at the receiving end is and what he is doing! So instead of trying to prove ourselves good muslims by frwarding such msgs We shld try to follow the teachings of the Holy Quran and Our Prophet PBUH! This is a much better way to spread Islam

  2. Very true, indeed…

    It also reminds me of the e-mails I used to receive back in the first decade of the 21st century, it was something rewarding, like this:

    …If you forward this e-mail to 10 people your wish will come true next week…

    sometimes it was something sweet, like this:

    …If you forward this message to 15 people the one you love will come into your life…

    oh and the scary ones too, such as:

    …If you fail to spread this message to 20 people you will die in this year!

    This all sounded oh-so-scary-and-oh-so-true when mom forwarded such messages just for the fun of it, and similar mails came from all those relatives who seemed like the world.

    All this reminds me of this chilly image:

    Now all I can advice is, forward all these messages and emails to everyone you may find in your contact list/phonebook, lest the same may, God forbid, happen to you. Stay safe. Oh and then put your loved ones in harm's way, if for example, one of them fails to forward that message, resulting in an asteroid falling upon Earth, cleansing it of all those disbelievers who failed to pay heed to the clear divine warning in the message by killing them all. (sarcasm intended)

    • Ha Ha Ha, very interesting comment Ahmer which seems to me a blog in itself! Last month I received a post on FB which said, say YES if you love Allah. I commented I love Allah but I wont say yes, because I think this is no criteria to prove my love! And see, no asteroid has yet fallen on me yet!

  3. Sometime when the message is authenticate & when you like the message, I think it’s our moral duty to share with others, so that they too can improve their knowledge. On the contrary if some conditions are forwarded or some criteria set for becoming a good Muslim is not ideal, in that case you can avoid it. Anyway I liked the message you want to give to all the Muslims . Problem is we feel proud of being Muslims but we forget to practice Islam properly. Pray for the Ummah to be practicing & True Muslims . Aameen

    • Summa Ameen saeed, I am not against such msgs if they are authentic, short and inspiring and I often share something which touches my heart! What bugs me is the ending as if those who do not forward are not good Muslims and will have to face the wrath of Allah! Practising Islam in its true essence is the best way to send the message through!

  4. i plead ‘not guilty’… i never ever forward these, or, other such holy mails and silly jokes and anecdotes…brainchild of people not occupied enough in the jobs they should be doing, be it office, or elsewhere…

  5. You make a very valid point with this post…I just recently stumbled upon your blog but will be following it from now on. Keep up the interesting topics.

  6. While modern day technology has some disadvantages it has numerous benefits also…. the messages we receive on Whats App and other social media channels I must admit are very useful, knowledgeable and worth while to know, read and absorb. We in this rate race of daily hectic life hardly have the time to go through religious books, etc etc, so if we get brief messages in the palm of our hands why not … what’s the harm ??? Not all the time you need to verify its authenticity as majority of the time the source of the message is ALWAYs mentioned especially if its a hadees or Quranic verses etc. If it is something fictitious or wrong one can instantly make out or question its authenticity with a friend / scholar etc.

    Besides for those we are so far away from religion also get a chance to know a few things this way. I specifically make it a point to send such messages which has a moral of the story to my young nieces and nephews and some friends to make them think and be aware of what is wrong, what is right in our religion – what is allowed , what is not allowed , what is haram, what is halal… out of ten messages even if a few is picked up by them or hits some chord in their heart my battle is won….. it is very important to share your knowledge especially religious knowledge in the current scenario as parents are not devoting as much time as they should to their kids to groom them into honest and trust worthy individuals who would relate the important teaching of “as you sow so you reap” philosophy in life. For they might start a sentence with bismillah ir rahman ir rahim, say their prayers 5 times a day, give zakat… but would take electricity from a kunda, cheat on their taxes, live on their haram kee kamaii, back bite people, fool and dodge people in their daily life and encounters, lie, put their old parents in old age homes without realizing and relating to the hard truth that what goes around turns around. And here I quote a message which I received in Whats App just yesterday which says: Be a Reflection of what you would like to receive. If you want love, give love. If you want truth, be truthful. If you want respect, give respect. What you give out, will return to you……

    I have learnt by heart so many small prayers and other messages which I have received from friends and relatives about which I did not know existed and which has touched my heart and soul and made me think. These messages have added to my general knowledge immensely and some of these prayers I have scribbled on my post – it stickers and have pasted it on the body of my computer and I keep reciting it on and off jub jub iss pey nazar purtee hae…..so you see the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages !

    However, the one thing which I do disapprove is when a message says read this a hundred times or fifty times or ten times etc, etc, or send it a specified number of people…. I never do it … infact while forwarding the received message to my friends I delete those lines.

    So guys and girls do not stop forwarding messages to your near and dear ones which reflect truth, the true teachings of Islam, reminders of what is legal, illegal, right wrong, authentic hadees, special prayers from the Quran with their translations and their importance and benefits etc etc, Sharing knowledge is sadaq – e – jariah I believe !

    Semee From Dubai

    • Thanks for the detailed comment Seema, but I feel you missed my point.. forwarding religious messages is no proof that anyone of us loves Allah or not. Neither refusing to forward them prove that we are not good Muslims. The criteria of being a good Muslim is much tougher than a click on the cell or keyboard. As for forwarding Quranic verses or authentic Hadeeth I did not write against them, but we should be sure that they are 100℅ correct before forwarding..kahin Neiki barbaad gunaah laazim wali baat naa hou jaayei, because attributing anything wrong to the Prophet PBUH is a big sin in itself(quoted in many Sahi Hadith)

      • I did get your point and as I mentioned most of these religious messages MAJORITY of the time have the source quoted. I think it is in a way loving Allah as we are spreading his message far and wide from Dubai to London and from Timbukto to Australia…..the percentage of people forwarding messages without specifying their authencity and source would be very low I feel.



    • Seemeen,the problem is that most if us do not spare time to check out the authenticity of a message before forwarding it. If the source is mentioned it’s okay to forward, but many posts and messages I receive do not mention the source. Moreover, there are good books easily available from which we can learn duas, find out what is right/wrong, halal/Haram etc. Learning Deen requires time, patience and efforts. It cannot be learnt from forwarded messages. Besides this, one moment you receive a joke, a clip of a song or gossip about celebrities, and the next a post containing translation of a Quranic ayat or Hadith, I don’t feel the impact of the message truly sinks in. Anyway this is a long debate, and we all have a right over our personal opinions. Thanks anyway for taking out time for the detailed comment.

  7. Good point raised !
    These message endings depict the low mental level and the weak understanding of Islam by the Muslims. Islam does not even give a slight importance to these type of things.One’s love for Allah and his Deen is to be decided by hearts(which only Allah knows that what is in one’s heart) n the deeds not by these forwardings n commentings..

  8. Valid point raised !
    One’s love for Allah is not to be decided by these type of forwardings n commentings …Alas! Where stands our mental level n where stands our understanding of Islam …!
    May Allah give us deep understanding of His Deen n guide us to the straight path .Ameen

    • Jazakillah for reading and agreeing to my point if view. We seem to be over flooded with knowledge but have little time to ponder on the depth of the Quranic stats or Hadith forwarded to us. Moreover people do not care to be sure about the authenticity of a message before hitting the forward button! Something wrong attributed to Islamic teachings only spreads confusion and leads to many wrong beliefs. It’s better to read authentic books or listen to sermons from those Ulmaa who preach good values of our great religion.

  9. Spot on article baji, can I add anything to it!
    Its the too simple way of thinking we have. We don’t focus on the main things, being good human beings just as u said in ur article rather than wasting our time on baseless and meaningless things.
    Looks like one is trying to take a so called shortcut…

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