The story is the same , only the names and faces have changed. January 2013 saw the heart breaking sit in of shattered protesters who defied the blood curdling weather and refused to bury their dead until their demands for justice were met. The story has been repated in January 2014, and the protest sit in has ended only a couple of hours back. Raja Parwez Ashraf has been replaced by Nawaz Sharif and the same tall promises have been made to convince the bereaved to bury their dead ones. They say History repeats itself, but I am hoping against hope that it does not do so this time. It is high time our government rises to the crying need of the hour and takes concrete and firm steps to stop the endless brutal killings going on and on and on!!!

Yasmin Elahi


I grumble, I protest, I rave, I rant and yes, I am not ashamed to admit that in weak and emotional moments I cry too! But in the depth of my heart there is a sad and sinking feeling that all this is in vain! I can not do anything to change the way things are going in my beloved Homeland. And then I realize that my pen is my only tool! At least I can give a path to my emotions, share with my readers my pain, my anger and my frustration at the non stop downslide in nearly every aspect of life in Pakistan! Being a stay at home mother and grandmother and also a senior citizen, my ageing body and mind hampers me from any active participation in the state of affairs; this is the only small contribution I can make. It may be a drop…

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2 thoughts on “THE BEGINNING OF THE END?

  1. Exactly! Totally agree with your point! The only solution to terrorism is to deal with it in a two pronged strategy:

    1. Fight back those who have taken up arms against Pakistan and Pakistanis.
    2. Keep a rigid check on the Madaris where hatemongers and extremists brainwash innocent children.

    This is a war of ideology, we must fix the mindset to prevent more terrorists from being produced, and we must eliminate those who have already been produced.

    Btw, do you know, PTI was asked to leave when they tried to join the sit-in? The protesters said that they do not need sympathy from those who have a soft-corner for the terrorists. The PPP on the other hand were allowed to join the protect. Not so surprisingly, the PML-N paid no heed to the woes of these protestors.
    Protesters give PTI team a hard time –

    • Ahmer, please go back to your previous comments. These are our elected representatives (or they claim to be so)! But the apathy they show in painful situations is really frustrating. We have to join hand to fight these woes but sadly our rulers are more interested in amassing wealth!

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