17 years have passed since that tragic day, but every year I feel tormented on the 10th of February! May Allah grant my parents the highest rank in Jannnat ul Firdaus Ameen

Yasmin Elahi

10th February comes every year to refresh memories of Ammi,s sudden demise. The initial deep pain has over the years changed into a dull thud, embedded deep inside the heart….but memories of her charismatic personality, strong values and unending care are as fresh as ever! Rest in peace Ammi, you and your love lives on in our hearts. May Allah grant you the highest rank in Jannah! Ameen

Today I feel like reposting the nazm I wrote for you immediately after you left this mortal world. The pain, anguish and helplessness of those days have subsided over the years, but I miss you Ammi  and I love you.. more than I can express in words!

  Ae Maan teri khaamosh si hastee mere lye

Kisi neimat, kisi daulat se nahin thee kum!

Tere seene se jo uthti thi mumta ki mehak

Dil ke zakhmon ko wo marhum se nahin thi…

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