Aaj ghar jo aaye ho ae dost

Chup chup se yoon kyun bethe ho?

Kuch poochna chahte ho jaise

Aankhon mein kyun hai uljhan si

Kuch poochna chahti hon jaise

Kya khojte ho tum yun har su

Aaj aayo dikhaayum mein khud tum ko

Kya mein ne juma kar rakha hai

Ye dil ke mere tukre hain

Wo kirchi kirchi khwaab mre

Kuch umeedein tooti tooti see

Aur ashkon ki eik mala hai

Wo ashaaon ke hain deep bujhe

Aur yaadon ke bikhre moti hain

Kyun aankh hui purnum teri

Chehra kyun hua ghum se bojhal?

Ye mera qeemti sarmaaya

Jeewan ki kumaai ye meri

Tum ko pasand kya aayi nahin?

Hairat se mujhe kyun takte ho!

Kya khaaya hai dhoka tum ne?

Tum dhoondhne aaye thei khushyaan

Kuch khushkun baatein khushkun lamhe?

Kyun dosh tumhein mein doon ae dost

Dhoka tou mera chehra hai

Rehti hai jis pe jhooti hansi

Dard dil mein chupa ke rakhti hoon

Aaj aayo bataaun mein tum ko

Ye roop kyun mein ne dhaara hai

Hai tabyat meri khuddaar bohat

Hamdardi bheek si lagti hai!

Jab jab ye dunya dukh deti hai

Jab jab mein is pe hansti hoon

Mein bant ti phirti hoon khushyaan

Ghum dil mein chupa ke rakhti hoon

Par dard jab hadd se barh jaata hai

Tou chupke se ro leti hoon!





دل کی آواز

Dil ki awaz

دردِ دل کو مرے کچھ دوا چاہئے

اک نگاہِ کرم اے خدا چاہئے

رات تاریک ہے راہ دکھتی نہیں
کملی والےصل کے رخ کی ضیا چاہئے

اشک آنکھوں سے گر گر کے کہتے ہیں یہ
بس ہمیں دامنِِِ مصطفٰیصلچاہئے

ہے سفینہ مرا بیچ طوفاں گھرا
اب محمدصلکو دینی صدا چاہئے

ملے شہر ِ مدینہ میں دو گز زمیں
اور ہم غم کے ماروں کو کیا چاہئے؟

زیست اک بوجھ ہے ہم سے اٹھتا نہیں
عمر ہو مختصر یہ دعا چاہئے



Ye Koi Na Jaane! Ghazal in Roman Urdu

Jo Labb pe hansee hai sab hi dekhte hain
Jo dil pe guzarti hai koi na jaane

Hujum mere gird doston ka hai phir bhee
Mein Tanha hun kitni ye koi na jaane

Tanhai mein aksar hum rote hain kitna
Jab mehfil mein bethein ye koi na jaane

Ye bechein din aur ye bekhwab raatein
Huin kyun muqaddar ye koi na jaane

Thapak ke sulana har nayi aarzu ko
Hai dushwaar kitna ye koi na jaane

Kabhee ye bhee phoolon se zyaada tha naazuk
Hua dil kyun pathar ye koi na jaane!!

یہ کوئی نہ جانے

جو لب پہ ہنسی ہے سب ہی دیکھتے ہیں
جو دل پہ گزرتی ہے کوئی نہ جانے

ہجوم مرے گرد دوستوں کا ہے پھر بھی
میں تنہا ہوں کتنی یہ کوئی نہ جانے

تنہائی میں اکثر ہم روتے ہیں کتنا
جب محفل میں بیٹھیں یہ کوئی نہ جانے

یہ بیچین دن اور یہ بے خواب راتیں
ہوئے کیوں مقدر یہ کوئی نہ جانے

تھپک کہ سلانا ہر نئی آرزو کو
ہے دشوار کتنا یہ کوئی نہ جانے

کبھی یہ بھی پھولوں سے زیادہ تھا نازک
ہوا دل کیوں پتھر یہ کوئی نہ جانے

اک مہرباں ہے مرا

بےخواب تاریک راتوں کی تنہائی میں
درد جب حد سے گزر جاتا ہے
روشنی دور تک نظر آتی نہیں
امید کوئی بھی بر آتی نہیں
اک مہرباں ہے مرا
جس کے نرم سینے میں چھپا کے میں چہرا اپنا
بہا لیتی ہوں چند آنسو
اور کہہ دیتی سب اپنے دکھ سکھ
اور وہ دوست مرا
کرتا ہی نہیں کوئی بھی سوال
کہتا نہیں وہ کچھ بھی مجھ سے
بڑی خاموشی سے
سنتا ہے مرے شکوے سارے
اور اپنی نرم آغوش میں 
بہت پیار بڑی نرمی سے
جذب کر لیتا مرے سارے آنسو
بانٹ لیتا ہے وہ سب بوجھ
جو ہیں دل پہ مرے
میرا تکیہ جو مرا ہمراز بھی ہے
میرا تکیہ جو مرا غمخوار بھی ہے

specially for you Hibiscus Rosa Noor, Greetings from England; and all of my readers who do not understand Urdu. as i do not write poetry in English, please do not mind my crude translation,
Yasmin Elahi

Yasmin Elahi

Aa  gayaa hai

Khuda ki rehmat ka tohfa

Ye yaqeen dilaane ke lye

Upar eik Zaat hai

Jo ghum ki andheri raat se

Eik nayi subah tulooh kartee hai!

Aa gaya hai

Khuda ki rehmat ka tohfa

Zindigi ki andheri raahon mein

Eik chota sa dyaa

Jis ki nanhi see jout se

Jagmaga uthi hai mere dil ki dunya

Dard ke sehra mein jo hai

Thandee hawa ka jhonka

Aa gaya hai

Khuda ki rehmat ka tohfa!

Jis kea a jaane se

Aa  gayi hai mere gulshan mein bahar

Rukhsat ho gaya

Khizaan ka mausam

Jis ke aane ka tha

Mere dil ko yaqeen

Jo ke hai

Meri duaaon ka jawaab

Aa gaya hai wo

Khuda ki rehmat ka tohfa!!!
The gift of Allah’s blessing has arrived to further confirm my belief that there is a Divine Being above us
Who has the power to draw a new morning from…

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غزل…. Ghazal from ANKAHI BAATEIN

آنکھ سے جو گر گئے ان کی نہیں قیمت کوئی
ہیرے تو وہ آنسو ہیں جن کو پی جاتے ہیں ہم

ساتھ چلنے کی ہے تمنا پر پائوں ہیں زخمی مرے
آگے نکل جاتی ہے دنیا پیچھے رہ جاتے ہیں ہم

بس یہ مشکل آخری ہے آگے ہیں آسانیاں
ہرنئی مشکل پہ یوں اپنے دل کو سمجھاتے ہیں ہم

راہِ الفت کے مسافر جب بھٹکتے ہیں تو انہیں
شمعیں اشکوں کی جلا کر راہ دکھلاتے ہیں ہم

غم کواپنے سامنے دنیا کے رسوا کیوں کریں
دل پہ جو لگتی ہیں چوٹیں ہنس کے سہہ جاتے ہیں ہم

دکھ دیے تو جھیلنے کی تاب بھی اللہ نے دی
ہر گھڑی صد شکر مالک کا بجا لاتے ہیں ہم

Attitudes: Insensitive sympathies…http://dawn.com/2011/12/18/attitudes-insensitive-sympathies/

Death has different ways of striking and carrying away the people we love dearly. Sometimes it comes on tip toes from behind, taking us by surprise, hitting like a tsunami, destroying our peace of mind and happiness in just a moment and leaving us agonised and dazed by the intensity of the pain it creates. And on others, we watch in despair and anguish the ebbing away of the tide of life from a cherished person, hoping against hope that some miracle would stop it from striking.

When it comes to the passing away of our loved ones, the sorrow it causes has the power to sweep off the feet (though momentarily) even those of us who are emotionally strong. Only time can heal the heartache we experience. But this is also the time when we expect and need maximum emotional support from friends and family, and more often than not they move in quickly to help us in our hour of grief. Their care and reassurance is valuable for us, as they help us overcome the initial pain and learn to live with the sense of loss.

It is strange that in spite of their sympathy and eagerness to help, well meaning friends often say or do things which instead of helping us, only hurt or irritate us, forcing us to withdraw into our cocoon of pain.

Rehana, a university student, whose father passed away recently, says, “Everyone who came for condolences thought it was his/her duty (or right) to embrace me and shed a few (even artificial) tears. Maybe they considered it an important norm of attending the funeral. What most of them did not realise is that I felt more irritated than consoled by the big hug, as I am not comfortable to physical touch. People should understand that sometimes saying a few kind words or just holding hands in silence can be more comforting than hollow words or acts”.

Nazia, who lost her husband a couple of years back shares her experience, “When the time came for my husband’s funeral casket to be lifted, I wanted to have some time alone with him, paying my last homage to a very caring husband and reliving memories of the happy times we had spent together. But sadly I was denied this by the eagerness of friends and relatives who gathered to have the last glimpse of him; a large number of people squeezed into the small room, not realising that those were very sensitive moments which I did not want to share with everyone. The grief and suffocation caused me to faint and when I came to, my husband was gone forever.”

There are times in life when pain engulfs our heart in such a way that we do not want to let it go and we feel that our grief will remain as intense throughout our lives. Any attempt to divert it only increases the pain. Asma and Zohair share the memories of the death of their first born. Zohair says, “Our son caught pneumonia when he was only three months old. We were devastated when he succumbed to its complications. Most of our relatives tried to console us by saying that eventually we will have more children and our heartache would subside. I felt angry and hurt and more miserable than consoled by these comments”. Asma asks sadly, “How could people expect us to forget our first love? After all, every child holds a special place in his parents’ heart. Years have passed and we have been blessed with two more children but the memories of our first child keep clinging to my heart and I still feel that a part of me died with him”.

Another mistake people often make is asking the bereaved not to weep. What else should be expected from someone who has lost a near and dear one? Unshed tears leave deep scars on the soul, scars which never heal; tears are nature’s way of healing pain and it is better to let them flow. Slowly they will subside because no matter how great the pain, no one can cry for ever.

Saying things like “I understand your pain”, “I have been through this”, “You will get over it with the passage of time” or “When so and so died…” only increases the heartache, because every sorrow is unique in its nature and everyone reacts differently to pain and mourning. In their hour of bereavement, people usually like to believe that for them, life will never be the same again. This is the last homage they are paying to the departed person they loved dearly. By speaking less, listening more and letting the grieved person pour his/her heart out, friends and relatives who come for condolences can make the bereaved feel that they understand and share the anguish and sense of loss.



Like every other mother I simply loved the hold I had on my son’s life, the absolute veto power with which I ruled over his little world. In doing so I felt like a queen, but ALAS! Eventually the day came when my throne was toppled and the one to do so was no one else than my son himself! Wait! You shall better understand my predicament when I share with you the events which led to this collapse of my rule.

Twelve years back…My six year old is sitting at the breakfast table fidgeting with his cereal and fruit. “Come on Son, hurry up! You are getting late for school”, I call out in an impatient voice as I run around the house trying to manage my morning chores. “Mama, I do not want to eat this cereal, I hate it. Why can’t I have ice cream for breakfast”, he asks in his tiny voice. I feel irritated because this is a dialogue we have everyday, “You know very well that you can not have ice cream in the morning, come on finish up the cereal and your banana as well”. “But why should I when I don’t like it”? He tries to argue. How to convince a six year old about the importance of a healthy breakfast? I have neither the time nor the patience to do this, so I simply say, “Because I said so”. My son looks at me with tearful eyes and spoons his cereal half heartedly.

Four years later….. I am clearing up after lunch looking forward to my much deserved afternoon nap when I see my ten year old coming out stealthily from his room. He is trying to hide his ball and bat behind his thin framework!

“Where do you think you are going at this hour of the day?” I ask him in an annoyed tone. “Mama, all the boys are playing cricket in the lane, I am going out to play”, he says in a cautious tone trying to look confident. “No, you are not!” I snap back, “This is the time for your nap! You are not attentive in the evening while doing your home-work if you do not sleep in the afternoon”, I say in a firm tone. “But Mama, all the boys play everyday, why can’t I? Feeling too tired to prolong the argument, I simply say firmly, “Because I said so”. My son looks at me with reproachful eyes but I return his gaze steadily, his eyes falter and he turns back slowly to his room dragging his bat behind him.

Four years later…. We have to go for a dinner party and are getting late. I call out to my fourteen year old who is lazily flipping channels on the television, “Son, Please hurry up! Your clothes are pressed and I am going to change, we have to set out in exactly ten minutes”, I say as I turn towards my room. He gets up from the couch and on seeing his shirt and trousers call out from behind “Oh no, Mama! Again these formal clothes! You know very well how I dislike them. I want to wear jeans and my black t-shirt, they look so cool”. “For Heaven’s sake! You know very well that you can not wear jeans to a dinner party, so many people I know are invited there and you have to dress properly”, I feel exasperated because this a routine clash between me and him. But the argument is not over yet. He says, “Mama, I don’t understand why you are so particular about my clothes, all the boys of my age dress according to their mood! Why do I have wear these clothes when I don’t like them?” As I know it would be hard to convince him, I say in a final tone “Because I said so”. My son stares at me with rebellious eyes but this time it is me who has to look away. He picks up his clothes and as I turn to my room, I hear him slam his bedroom door behind him. “Head strong he is getting, isn’t he? I will have to talk to him” I think to myself as I hurry to my room.

Four years later….I am in the kitchen giving the final touches to the dinner. My eighteen year old enters and calls out “Mama, I am going out with friends”. “But dinner is ready” I protest without turning my back. “One of the boys is giving us a birthday treat so I will have dinner outside” he replies in a careless tone. Before I reply he says, “And please do not call after every half an hour”. I turn sharply towards him and ask, “Why do you think I should not call you when you are away?” This time my son answers in a firm voice “Because I said so !”. I nearly drop the lid of the pan in surprise and am about to give an angry retort when I notice the mischievous twinkle in his eyes and the naughty look on his face.

My little one (no more!) comes awkwardly towards me and putting his arms around me says, “Mama, I love you so, but why don’t you understand that I am no longer a child, my friends laugh at me when you call so many times, I promise you I won’t be late”. He kisses my forehead and walks out of the kitchen. My absolute rule over my son’s life is over! It’s the end of an era. I realize with nostalgia as I watch his turned back but strangely, instead of feeling resentment at being dethroned,I feel a mist in my eyes as a strange sense of pride rushes to my heart.


Tum ko hai shikayat hum chupaate hain dil ki baat
Kab doston ko koi bataata hai dil ki baat!

Jaise kitaab khol ke parh leta hai qaari
Chehra humara khud hi bataata hai dil ki baat!

Raah e wafa mein haath chura ke wo chal dye
Rasm e wafa nibhaana nahin hai hansee ki baat?

Chahat mein roshni ke andhere mile humein
Kya keigye naseeb mein likhee thee yhi baat!

Ghum se hain chur phir bhee hum hain wo zinda dil
Karte hain dekho aaj bhee hum zindigi ki baat!

Ruste ki bhul bhulyon se humein pyaar ho gaya
Kisi aur se ae dost karo tum manzilon ki baat!

Kashti ko apni dekh aur toofan ka zor dekh
karta hai kyun naadaan ae dil tu sahilon ki baat

Jal jal ke ae shama tu phelati hai roshni
Har jalne waale ke lye mumkin kahan ye baat!!!