GHAZAL FROM ANKAHI BAATEIN…. (For my friends who can not read Urdu) with a crude English translation

Aankh se gir gaye unki nahin qeemat koi

Heere tou wo ansoo hain jin ko pee jaate hain hum

Saath chalne ki hai tamanna, par paaon hain zakhmi mere

Aage nikal jaati hai dunya, peeche reh jaate hain hum

Bas ye mushkil aakhri hai, aage hain aasaanyan

Har nayi mushkil pe youn apne dil ko samjhaate hain hum

Raah e ulfat ke musafir jab bhatakte hain tou unhein

Shummein ashkon ki jala kar raah dikhlaate hain hum

Ghum ko apne saamne dunya ke ruswa kyun karein?

Dil pe jo lagti hain chottein huns ke seh jaate hain hum

Dukh dye to jhelne ki taab bhee Allah ne dee

Har ghari sad shukr Maalik ka baja laate hain hum! 

Translation in English …on the request of fellow blogger Hibiscus Rosa Noor….
This is not a word to word translation… I have just tried to catch the essence of the ghazal.. a task not easy for me!

The tears which fall from my eyes are worthless, but the tears which I manage to hold back are precious like diamonds.

Although I want to move forward with the World but my feet are sore with the tiresome journey, the people move ahead and I find myself left behind!

This is the last adversity I am facing, things will become easier from hence forth, I try to console myself with these words whenever I am confronted with a new difficulty!

With my tears as fuel to lit the lamps, I try to light the path of the people who are walking through love’s lanes and have forgotten the correct direction to their destination.

I do not want to humiliate myself by showing my grieving heart to the world, so with a smiling face I take whatever pain comes my way.

Though I was destined to face a lot of pain and difficulties in life, Allah gave me the strength to face them bravely, I am thankful to my Creator every moment of my life for bestowing this strength on me!